Children Courses

We provide beginner classes for children generally from the age of 4 and upwards. Classes are scheduled to suit their school commitments either early morning prior to leaving for school or early evening. Tuition is provided at a pace to suit each child’s ability. Once core areas are covered, all children progress onto Quran recitation and Mashallah some of our students are on their way to becoming hafiz.

Course Outline

Unless the children have previous knowledge all new starters cover core areas including:

  • arabic alphabet and proper pronounciation of each letter
  • vowels
  • how letters are joined to form words
  • basic tajweed rules
  • Students then progress onto intermediate and advanced tajweed rules and word formation

Once complete, all children progress onto quran lessons during which they listen to recitation by tutor sentence by sentence and repeat the same verses back to the tutor. Using this method, students can see how tajweed rules are applied in each verse as well as learning how to pronounce the verses.

Surah memorisation 

We help all students to memorise a number of surahs which can be recited during daily prayer. We are happy to answer any questions in regards how to performing daily prayers, wudu or any other subject matter.

Please contact us today to arrange free trial lessons so you can see the services on offer firsthand and watch your children receive 1-to-1 attention in comfort of your own home.